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Modern adventurer?

Who is the modern adventurer?

It’s all about finding the right balance..

He or she travels low key to luxurious. Goes from hiking a mountain one day to drinking mojitos the next.. Loves street art to savoir faire.
Goes to places afar but also around the corner and close by.
Looks for sustainable options but does not cancel all flights because he or she still wants to see the world and knows that a lot of families live from tourism.

It’s just the way I like to travel!

Rooted between Belgium and Indonesia I have been travelling since I was a baby. Torn between two continents I have always had the feeling that I had to travel.
I have a degree in journalism, and I am a PR manager in the daytime At any other time I love to work on my travel blog, work out, go out for breakfast on a Sunday and spend time with family and friends

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Lombok Gili Bali beach island
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