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Epic travel photo fails: 5 reasons why you might end up with a bad picture

Look, I'm not a specialist at making THE perfect Instagram picture, I don't always wear pretty dresses but I AM guilty of waiting for a person free landmark, or taking another angle so it all looks like paradise. But sometimes, there is just no avoiding the bad weather or the annoying tourist... You work your way around it, but it's not what you expected. Welcome to the inconvenient truth of travelling and my top 5 of #photofail situations...

1) Crowds

Crowds. It IS the worst. Some places in the world are still remote, some places are not. Does that mean you have to skip them? Are you kidding me? Skipping the Colosseum is a definitely no no! Thank god for angles, props and photographic skills to make it less worse...

Thank god for flowers or other types of camouflage to make your photo shine!


The power of the Colosseum surrounded by Summer flowers

Colosseum Rome

Locals on vacation

This view is one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen in my life. A must see when in Indonesia. But when you are there during high season, you might share it with hundreds of other tourists and locals. You even have to climb on the fence (not dangerously close to an edge, don't worry)


As if you are alone on this planet (Bromo - Indonesia)

Ah there they are, the people with their smartphones :)

When waking up at 4am does not pay off anymore

So the Tiu Kelep waterfalls in Lombok are definitely worth the visit, but you will have to come really early to make a good shot. And even then it might not be early enough. Then the waiting game can begin; wait, and wait, and wait a few more minutes until everyone has stepped out of the picture frame :-)

Total waterfall babe

Blurry and definitely not alone

2) Rude tourists

It is perfectly possible to be the only tourist at a temple entrance. The beautiful Bagan for example, offers numerous temples and pagodas to feed your Instagram account for a lifetime of throwbacks. But most sights are usually very crowded and even though it can be mesmerizing to see hundreds locals praying, it only takes a handful of loud and rude tourist to completely ruin that picture perfect moment.

Discipline vs no discipline

Monks in Myanmar. It was amazing to see them around. Being a spectator while they were waiting for their lunch was both interesting and cruel at the same time. Interesting because it's admiring to see their discipline, cruel because they are surrounded by dozens of tourists. Some of them being quiet and respectful, some of them just annoying, loud and rude!


The Monks in Myanmar

Ok mind you, I zoomed in to take a picture of her and removed myself far enough from the monks...

3) Rainy season

But what I hate even more than a rude tourist is RAIN! I mean... I know what you are all thinking: dramatic skies. Well maybe, but sometimes it is just moody, rainy and grey and very hard to make that photo magic work. You are also constantly thinking about your equipment getting wet. Hello humidity! You get yourself also very soaking wet and you end up just being too depressed to take any more pictures. #Ihaterain

A beautiful golden pagoda...

A pagoda and some visitors, and umbrellas, and a do not slip sign ;)

Haha like mother nature is going to pay a refund right?

4) Fog and smog

Fog and smog are a recipe for disaster. You might think this goes into the category here above but it does not. A city can be covered in smog for days without every seeing a drop of rain. Or a whole mountain range can be covered in fog because well that's just nature right? If there is rain, it usually comes and go. Fog has the nasty habit to stick around like until the end of your visit.

This is what the Doi Inthanon temple is supposed to look like... (c) Green Wood Travel

This is what we got haha...Fog and fog and well, just fog....Postcard perfect ;)

5) Renovations

Renovations. Don't you just love them? Well truth is, in order to preserve buildings and to keep ruins and other ancient sites from disappearing, it's a much needed step in keeping all that amazing heritage alive. But why do they have to renovate and restore WHEN YOU are there? ;-) Was asking myself the same question a few years ago while going to Angkor Wat. Proof here under.

Yes you got that right, I'm standing in front of a renovation project to make sure it does not make it to the picture..

A bit of a disappointment..

Even though it looks like I'm complaining here, I did enjoy visiting and discovering all of the locations here above. It's just part of travelling the world. I know that we keep the illusion alive that travelling is only about those picture perfect moments on social media, but hey it ain't always that fun! Like that one time I visited the Tanah Lot temple in Bali for seeing an amazing sunset but it was super cloudy. Still got some pretty cool shots there without catching a glimpse of the sun. The two ladies sitting next to us on the bus on the other hand, asked their money back from the guide. Haha, like Mother Earth is going to pay a refund right?