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Bye bye burnout! A destination unknown trip as the ideal 'let it go' remedy for control freaks!

Do you always make an Excel with travel routes, cost overviews and restaurant reservations when planning your vacation? Can't stop looking at all the booking sites to score the best deal? Do you always hesitate between hotel a and hotel b? Can't figure out which destination from your bucket list you want to do first? Control freak much? challenges you this season! (Voor Nederlands klik hier)

Now that 2020 work goals are being made and work assignments are piling up, there is little time left to put together another city trip here or a road trip there. As a rigorous control freak, you seem more sensitive to stress and you have Winter depression written all over your face!

Sometimes you just have to give it out of hands and let it go; not only at work but also in your free time. No stressing over the abundance of choice, no reading endless reviews on that famous booking site, no.. Just GO! Nothing is a must, and everything is possible. With a destination unknown trip you will get withdrawal symptoms and it will be difficult to let go of the reins, but it is the ideal remedy for the control freaks among us!

Fortunately you don't have to go completely cold turkey.

Since the creation of five years ago, many new formulas have been added. For example, you can opt for 'In Control' (what's in a name ??!). 15 great cities are selected for you. You can eliminate two or the maximum, namely five! So you get a little more control, but your final destination is still a big surprise. Win win!

Do you still fear ending up somewhere you have already been to? Maybe 'Explore New Places' is the right trip for you. You tell which European cities you have already visited and they send you to a city where you have never been before. Okay, I must admit, this is for control freaks who are already a bit in remission, but don't forget: let it go, let it goooo!

This year took me to Valencia (not sponsored). All the details regarding the way of working is right here.